Hair check.

HockeyHair: The Science of Flow Technology

In a scoring slump? Relationship issues?Β  Maybe it's your attitude. Or maybe, it's your hair. Either way, let HockeyHair add some bounce to your stride. HockeyHair’s advanced chemistry will restore your flow …. and maybe add some chemistry to your line. Let HockeyHair be the Oates to your Hull, the Tazer to your Kane… Questions? Just follow our handy flow diagram.

After years of research in locker rooms, showers, bars, and Flin Flon fishing huts, HockeyHair designed the science of Flow Technology to perfect solutions for shampoo, gel, pomade and paste. It's the first line of hair products made by hockey players for hockey players. Come join our team and find all your hair needs in our starting lineup of HockeyHair products.


$5 Flat Delivery in the U.S.
$10 Flat Delivery in Canada



HockeyHair is nothing without inspiration. Your flow provides new product ideas and advances the research of flow technology. We will pick our favorite flow each month to win a HockeyHair First Aid Kit of all our products. So show us your flow on Instagram using the hashtag #HockeyHair

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Victor β€œthe Viking” Hedman was an easy choice for HockeyHair Bubble MVP ⭐️ Viking Flow βœ…Playoff Beard βœ… Swedish Style βœ… Congrats! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ
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HockeyHair’s intention is to treat every customer as if they just got called to the stage for a grin and grip with Gary. We want to slap a sweater and a flat brimmed hat on you and welcome you to the big club! HockeyHair, like any team, is one big family where we hope to receive your feedback so we can continue to advance the science of flow technology. On and off the ice you should be confident that your hair is conditioned to perform for an audience of one or 19,800 on Saturday night in Toronto. It’s our mission to ensure that happens.

Our starting lineup of products service everyone from the fourth line meat and potatoes type to your first line center with those flashy Grafs, and everyone in between.Β 
We are excited to see your flow in action too so look out for our promotional contests to win free products. Now, stop reading our word salad and treat the only lettuce that matters, yours.Β 
Toss the stick, drop the mitts, and apply.
Peach, Reno, and Hair - The Founders of HockeyHair